Cozy sweater pillow

teal sweater pillow close up

The older I get, the more I dislike HATE the cold! I was trying to be nice, but let’s get real, the only time I like cold weather is when I have absolutely no reason to go outside in it. So, I really enjoy making cozy warm things for the house. What could be cozier than a wool sweater pillow? There are many tutorials floating around that do a great job of explaining how to turn an old sweater into a beautiful, cozy, warm pillow. There are 2 that are my favorites. You can find them here and here. They are both extremely helpful to get you going.

So here is what I started out with: an old pillow and an LL Bean wool sweater that I picked up at the thrift store. I had already cut off the sleeves and the top part leaving me a nice square piece to work with.

sweater cut with WM

Next, I took that square piece and realized that I only needed to cut off about 2 inches from one side to make it the right size to cover my pillow.

readyto sew with WM


I love working with sweaters to update an old pillow. The sweater is very forgiving and easy to work with.

I stitched up the 3 open sides, turned right side out, then stuffed my pillow in there. I completed it by hand stitching the remaining opening. And there you have it. Seriously, this took me about 20 minutes start to finish!


teal sweater pillow close up Stay warm!



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